June 30, 2012

NEW Braided Belt Messenger Bags!

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I've gotten quite a bit of interest in my Braided Belt Messenger Bags recently and wanted to let you guys know that I am in the process of making a TON more :)

I will also be adding a few custom order listings for this bag on Etsy if you would like one in a specific color or pattern. I am making one now for a lovely lady that contacted me on Etsy the other day in an Amy Butler print that is to die for. 

Check my Etsy store if you want to request a custom order! 

This striped version is so cute! I changed the pockets a little and added a strap to hang your keys on the inside. I also made matching accessories that can be purchased with the bag :)

Matching Keychain

Matching card holder


  1. I really love this . I plan to sew it, except I went to the thrift store and there were no belts that I thought were long enough or that I liked enough. i loved the braided ones, but they were all too short. ;( I will try something else. Any other ideas for the strap?

  2. super cute! i love the fabric!