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My name is Caroline and I created Cold Hands Warm Heart | Crafts as an outlet for my love of everything crafts. Feel free to browse the items I have created both on here and at my Etsy shop. In the posts if an item is for sale I will have a link taking you directly to the Etsy page where you can purchase it. I will also (eventually) be posting tutorials and links to other blogs that I find interesting and inspirational. If you have any questions or requests for an item you would like me to make for you feel free to contact me via e-mail here.

Now, for a little bit about me as a person...

I am 23 (turning 24 this month), engaged to the most amazing guy in the whole entire world and living in Cleveland, Ohio. I spent a few years living in Tampa, Florida studying Art at University of South Florida but moved back home to Cleveland this past summer. I am currently working as a Community Relations Assistant at The Harbor Court Assisted Living. It's been one of the best jobs I've ever had and probably explains partly why I feel like an old lady trapped in a young persons body. I love spending my time sewing, crocheting, photographing everything and pretty much any form of art I can get my hands on. My Dad is an artist (You should check out his blog, he posts a new oil painting every day), so I have been surrounded by art since the day I was born.

I am the 'Mom' to 3 cats (Sam, Emma and Doug) and one dog (Brody, the cutest English Pointer in the world).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)

Enjoy!  ♥

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Cold Hands Warm Heart Crafts
Cold Hands Warm Heart Crafts