June 26, 2012

Design Company Update

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A couple posts back I mentioned that I was in the process of starting my own freelance design company, so I thought I would update.

I decided to leave my www.carolinegreco.com as my photography website (as it has been for about 7 years). I really wanted the domain and company name of "Greco Design" but sadly that domain was already taken so I decided to change it to "C Greco Design".

I purchased the domain name www.cgrecodesign.com for my company and have a "work" e-mail address at cgrecodesign@gmail.com, and redesigned my logo to correspond with the name change.

What do you guys think?

Next tasks:

1. Figure out taxes (yuck)

2. Design and order business cards

3. Find people who need design work

4. Make money :)


  1. Didn't see any comments and just wanted you to know I love your work and think all of your stuff is awesome! You go girl! You are doing things i dream about! :)

  2. Love the new logo! Can't wait to see what comes of your next big adventure, congratulations :)

  3. i know this was a little bit ago, but i'm catching up on some of my blog reading this morning. i love the new logo! classy!

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