June 30, 2012

Custom Braided Belt Messenger Bag

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Here is an absolutely ADORABLE Braided Belt Messenger Bag that I made today for Samantha who requested the custom order on my Etsy shop. I love how it turned out. I am going to have to go back to Stitch Cleveland and stock up on some more of this amazing Amy Butler fabric!

Contact me if you would like to order one of these versatile bags :) I think I am going to make one for myself this afternoon!

Lots of pockets in this bag :)

Samantha got to pick what type of pockets she wanted in her bag. That's one thing I try to do when I make a custom bag for someone. I like to know what kind of pockets people need to make their CHWH bag the perfect bag for them. For example, in this bag Samantha wanted a place for her iPhone, a separate zipper compartment, a hook for her keys and a couple of pen slots. Those are the exact pockets I put in my own purses too! If my life isn't going to be organized - at least my purse can! 

How amazing is this fabric?! I wish I was Amy Butler's best friend...


  1. I love your messenger bags! I have actually used your tutorial to make two recently as gifts and they were a big hit =)

  2. will you share the steps for this?? i can not find them...i click on the tutorial and it does nothing

  3. Tracey,
    Here is the link to the tutorial:


  4. thank you so much....i am going to attempt this for my neice....if have problems can i tweet you?