June 21, 2012

Movin' on up...

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It's been a crazy, busy, exciting time for me lately. I have been given a great opportunity at work to take on a LOT more graphic design and web design work and am in the process of starting my own freelance design company. With the help of my amazing boss I was even able to upgrade my technology :)

This "little" beauty arrived the other day...

I feel so professional now! I upgraded my software to Adobe CS6 Design and Web Premium and splurged on a new (well, refurbished) Wacom Intuos Tablet. 

I decided to name my company Greco Design and am currently working on transforming my current photography website (www.carolinegreco.com) to an online design portfolio. 

Here is the logo I designed for my new company: 

It has some special meaning behind it because it's my Dad's signature that he puts on the bottom of his paintings (he is an artist) and I had it tattooed on my rib cage a few years ago as an homage to him. Also, I'm excited and sad at the same time to be changing my last name in less than a year when I get married - I wanted a way to hold onto my Greco last name. 


  1. Be sure to update on when (if) you start looking for work! I've been thinking about getting a professional logo done for my blog.

  2. Abby, I'm always looking for work ;) Feel free to e-mail me to discuss more. I can send you some examples of logos I've done recently for clients. My work e-mail is cgrecodesign@gmail.com Thank you for the interest!

  3. I wanted to keep my last name but my husband really wanted to give me his so I changed my middle name to my old last name. Now i have both and the same name as my babies, which I am grateful for now.