May 15, 2012

Make-Up Bag & Coin purse

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I found this great tutorial on Say Yes to Hoboken for a Make-Up bag that I just had to try! It was super simple and I love how it turned out! It's also the perfect size for a pencil pouch!

I was sewing almost all day long yesterday and this morning before work. I go through phases where I sew frantically non-stop. Then I take a break for a few days and then jump back in. Here are some pictures of my Make-Up bag and a cute, itsy-bitsy little coin purse I made. It's almost too small to even carry change but it is absolutely adorable :) Maybe it would be good for holding your earrings or small jewelry when you go on vacation? I will find a use for it!


  1. This is so cute...just started learning to sew, mayb I will do this someday!!

  2. Amanda,
    You should give the makeup bag a try! It was actually super simple! Especially because you don't have to leave a hole in the lining for turning like most bags.

  3. oooooo where are you hiding the pattern for the coin purse?? :)
    love your site

  4. i LOVE these fabrics, where do you get them?

  5. What size zipper did you use for the makeup case, the tutorial does not specify and I have purchased too small of a size twice, although I made it work.