April 12, 2012

Thrifting Thursday

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I hope everyone had an EGG-celent Easter! There was an abundance of thrifting finds this week! I went to several places in search of some good deals (and smaller sizes). I hit all of my favorites; Secondhand Savy, Lighthouse, Salvation Army, & Pendy's closet. 
    First up is my favorite find of the week! (I think it is mainly because the shorts are a size 6 :) I found an UH-dorable ruffle neck navy blue tank top at SA for $3. I paired them with these green Bermuda shorts I snagged for $2 at SA!

    I took home this cute green skirt for $4 & this pink light weight t-shirt for $1. (you may recognize the shoes from a previous week :)

   LOVE this NY&Co aquamarine colored dress! You can dress it up or down depending on where you're going! Got this baby for $4!!!!

   If you feeling 50's you need to get yourself one of these dresses! I grabbed this blue and white beauty for $5!

  This is another one of my favorites of the week....this ruffle dress was sitting so lonely on the rack at Target for $7.48, so I had to bring it home. I matched it up with a belt I got at lighthouse for $1 and a previous thrifting week's brown shoes. I added a before and after the belt picture just to show how belts can transform an outfit!

  I think this week every outfit is a favorite, including this next one. I thriftier these wedges for $3, the dress was $2, the belt is the same belt for $1 in the previous outfit, & the blue cropped cardigan was an existing piece. I just LOVE it!

  This shirt I found for $5 (that is from Nordstrom) is FAN-tastic! It's a purple tank top with a lovely bow & side swiping chiffon. LOVE! The shoes were a retail find (I've decided that I will be wearing more wedges now) at Shoe Carnival. They had a bogo 50% off sale & these darlings (that are 6 inches high) were around $12 after discounts :)

  I also wanted to share this adorable workout shirt I found for $2 (because even at the gym I like to look fashionable). Cute navy blue and white stripes with a black sequin anchor!

   As y'all can tell, I said love a lot this week with very good reason! This was one of the best weeks I've had, I think, so far. Hopefully y'all had some finds you LOVE this week. I know I did! Until next week mis amigos!!! Happy thrifting!!!!!!

Jenn ♥


  1. Love all the outfits!! You inspire me to thrift!! I did a lot of it when my kids were young and money was tight. Now that I'm older (not old) I just might take it up again. Your enthusiasm is catching. Thanks

  2. I may have to revisit Thrift Stores!

  3. All the outfits are beautiful. I love how this proves you don't need to shop retail at all to be stylish and happy. Shopping retail is actually boring after the thrill of the thrift score.