April 5, 2012

Thrifting Thursday with Jenn

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Life can majorly suck at times, I have learned that first hand. I don't know or understand why things happen and I never will. I took a hiatus from Thrifting Thursday because I suffered a miscarriage a few weeks ago. It was awful, but nothing compared to what we have already been through.
    You know what doesn't suck? Thrifting!!! This week I got myself dressed and headed back out onto the thrifting scene and scored some great deals. I found all of my classy finds at Secondhand Savvy's. It's a "Mom and Pop" thrift shop. 
     As I was scouring the racks, I found this grey & white tank dress. After I tried it on (and LOVED it) I noticed an itsy bitsy hole (that I can easily fix) near the collar. I asked the lady at the counter if she could discount my dress because of this hole. She asked the manager and said she would take half off!!!  This little beauty went from $7 to $3.50!!!!

    This next little number is probably one of my faves. It's a $7 fuchsia colored ruffle dress that can either be dressed up or dressed down, great for spring :)

   Do you ever want to feel like you're lounging in your clothes, but want to look stylish? I feel that way all of the time! So I picked up this red and white stripe cotton dress with pockets for $7.

   I love when thrift stores have certain colored tags for half off.  I also love when I find items with the retail stores tags still on them. What I really really love is when I find both of those things combined in one item, just like this next one. It's a hard cotton dress with green and white embellishments around the neck & rope belt. Here is the math equation to get the awesome price: $42.99 (retail store's price) 13.90 (thrift store's price) 6.95 (half off green tag price). I snagged this beauty for under $7!!!

   I had to pass by the jewelry rack and found a couple "gems" (ha a ha a ha.....jewelry...gems....). I found this plastic sage green colored faux braided bracelet for $1.90! This wood bracelet for $1.90 & these perfectly matching wood ear rings for $1.90. 

   I think this is my FAVORITE thrifting find to date....this coral, pink, brown, & white long flow-ey dress was only $10. I am in love. It is so light and comfy. I am fairly certain I could wear it every day and be completely content.

    You may notice these prices are slightly higher than my Salvation Army or Goodwill finds. Thats because the private thrift stores buy the clothing to sell to you and they can be more selective on what clothing they have in their store. Therefore the quality is better. Places like SA, GW, & Lighthouse Ministries all are based off of donations and they put everything out on the floor. Hence the lower prices at those stores.
   All in all, it was a good 30 minute thrifting trip (that included trying these dresses on). For around $40 I got 5 dresses (one brand spanking new) and 3 pieces of jewelry. I'd say I did rather well.  
   Just to inspire people who are wanting to shed those extra pounds, I thought I would include a before and after/during my weightloss. I've been losing the LBS since December 1st, (which is why I started thrifting because I needed smaller clothes and didn't want to pay a bigger retail price!)  

   Don't forget to send in your thrifting finds of the week! We might even put them up on the blog!! Until next week, happy thrifting!!!

[ Side note from Caroline: Can we just talk about how great Jenn look?! Congrats on the weight loss, my dear! You look fantastic! ]


  1. Jenn you are beautiful and super lucky to find all these great things!!!!