April 9, 2012


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I am getting all ready for the craft show I am doing this summer! I am normally such a procrastinator but I am trying to stay on top of everything with this and build a large back stock of items to sell. Right now I am making coasters, magnets, keychains and jewelry. Then I am going to tackle the big stuff (i.e. purses, bags, and wallets). I am so excited! I am going to have a feature on the blog for the craft show at some point so check their blog periodically for that here. I'll let you guys know when I have more information of when that will be up! Everyone in the Cleveland area should also check out their show they have coming up this month and should definitely try to make it to the July show I will be in :)

I am going to try to get a tutorial up soon for the earrings in the second circle above! I discovered that if I use my Dremel from my dog grooming days I can sand off the plastic loop on the back of vintage buttons so they are flat and I can glue them to earring hardware! It was super easy and they turned out so cute!

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