February 2, 2012

Introducing...Thrifting Thursdays with Jenn!

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    I am best known as "MAMAAA", "Mommy", "Honey", or "Baby", 
but you can call me Jenn :)
    I am a Mother & avid Thrifter. 
You may wonder how all of this super savvy shopping began...
Almost 4 months ago, my family was in a horrific car accident on our way to Disney to celebrate my almost 7 year olds birthday. It was the worst day of my life; we lost my 7 year old in the accident. I am still (and probably always will be) grieving and missing him with all of my being. After all of this happened I decided that you only get one life, and I was going to lose the extra weight I packed on over the years. Because I was dropping sizes so quickly I didn't want to spend a lot of money on clothes from the mall. I stumbled upon Salvation Army and their “Half-Off Everything Wednesdays”. After just one trip...I was hooked! Thus, my Thrifting was born!
     I am VERY pleased to tell y'all that Thursday has become "Thrifting Thursday" on Cold Hands Warm Heart Crafts Blog! Now you too can become a Totally Terrific Thrifter! I am so excited to share my finds and different tricks with everyone. Thrifting is great for anyone! If you are on a budget and want to update your wardrobe, losing weight and don't want to pay retail prices, are addicted to finding great deals, you need a hobby, or any reason that you can think of (i.e. “I cleaned the house, so now I get to go Thrifting”).
       I don't just go to Thrift stores; I go to every store I can think of. When I go to a retail store I always head to the Clearance rack first. You can find some great items in the Clearance rack! Because not everyone likes to scour through other peoples old clothes (different strokes for different folks, right?), I will also be putting my "retail finds" in my posts too, just to give everyone some options.
    The key to thrifting? Patience! You have to look slowly through the racks or you are going to go right past that amazing cardigan for $1. Try going to multiple Thrift stores, don't just go to a big chain like Goodwill. Some private thrift stores offer 50% off a certain color tag each week. To start, search online for all of the Thrift stores in your area; pick the ones that are close to you to start. Start small; don't feel like you have to spend 8 hours Thrifting a day. Go to one store at a time, spend an hour or so and see what you can find.
   Some of you may ask what do you do with Ben (my adorable cutie patootie son who is nearly 18 months old)? Well, since I am a SAHM (Stay at home Mom) he comes with me! I pack plenty of snacks and bring his stroller. I try to plan Thrifting around his naptime so he sleeps in his stroller while I'm scavenging the racks in search of a super score. Just find out what works for you!
   What is my wardrobe like? It's very eclectic to say the least. I pick things that I see and instantly love. When I bring a piece home, I put outfits together (including new and old pieces I already had in my existing wardrobe). My philosophy: If you like it, wear it. If I've learned anything, it's that you need to march to the beat of your own drum. I learned that from Ethan (My son that passed away). He used to wear a feather in his hair, skinny jeans, and graphic T-shirts. He was awesome and didn't care what anyone thought. He did what he loved and loved what he did. Everyday I strive to be more like my hero and idol, Ethan.
    OK! Let's get to the part what you have been waiting very patiently for, the DEALS!
Don't worry, I'm not going to throw you in the deep end of the thrifting pool without knowing how to swim! This week will be all about finding pieces that you scored on your thrifting ventures and mixing them in with the existing pieces that you have.  Even if you go thrifting and find only a couple pieces, you'll be able to match them up with your existing clothes. After you become affluent in the art of thrifting, you can put entire outfits together in one thrifting venture.
 This first ensemble combines retail savvy deals, existing clothing pieces, and fabulous thrifting finds. We will start at the tippy toes and work our way up: 
     For my shoes, I am wearing a nude wedge that I found at Sears about 2 years ago. You might have some cute old wedges in your closet that you haven't worn in years because you stick to your flip-flops; whip those heels out, girl! Every day is a reason to get dressed up! 
     Let's move on up...the skinny jeans I already owned. The shirt I scored at Salvation Army last week on “Half-Off Wednesday” for $.50! The necklace is a natural colored bead necklace that match the nude wedges, also for $.50 at Lighthouse Thrift Stores. The earrings (which are a bold yellow that is popping up everywhere) were $.50 at Lighthouse Thrift Stores. The yellow flower ring was a retail find at Bealls department store (this deal is for my “non-thrifters”) for 50% off ($7.50). My sweater was also a retail find; it was 50% off at JcPenny's (which made it only $15.00. It was just so cute that if I would have left it at the store it would have gotten lonely). The cute and adorable smile? Priceless! 
    Are you ready to throw your hair in a ponytail, lace up those dusty sneakers, and get ready to run a thrift store marathon yet? Don't go filling your water bottle and putting on your sweatband just yet... At the bottom of this column are some of my retail and thrifting finds of the week! After you look at those, feel free to get the "Walkman" cranked up with some blaring 80's music & take a 'Journey' to the nearest thrift store and 'Don't Stop Believin' that you'll find those great deals! (I crack myself up) 

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