January 19, 2012

Tutorial for Designing your Custom Labels + Photoshop Template Download

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Hi everyone! I realized that in my past posts about the custom fabric labels I did not include how to design your label in Photoshop for upload to Spoonflower's website. Here is a quick tutorial for creating a custom label design (you will also find a download link at the bottom of this post to download the label template):

First, open the template (provided at the end of this post) in Photoshop. Create your design, making sure you stay within the interior teal guide lines. This will ensure that you have a 1/2 inch are around your design for when you cut it out of the fabric.
After you have created your design go to Edit>Define Pattern...

Name Your design whatever you would like and hit Ok

Now go to File>New...

Create a document with a Transparent Background and with the dimensions listed above. 
If the picture above is too small for you to see they are: 
Width: 2700 pixels
Height: 3150 pixels
Resolution: 150
RGB Color    8 bit

With the new document window selected click Layer>New Fill Layer>Pattern...

If the box that pops up looks exactly like the one in the picture above then Click OK

From the small box on the left hand side of the window that pops up select your design pattern that you just selected with the Scale set at 100% then Click OK

In the Layers window on the right hand side Right-Click on the layer with the design pattern and click Rasterize Layer

Use the selection tool and select the partially cut off design on the right side of the canvas

You need to erase the partially cut off label design that you just selected, so you can do that by using the eraser tool or by simply hitting the Delete key

With the partially cut off labels erased now click Select>All

Now you should move your label designs to the right so they are centered on the canvas. You can use the Move Tool or the right arrow on your keyboard

With the labels centered in your canvas all you have to do now is save your file as either a JPEG or PNG and then upload it to the Spoonflower website

Good luck!

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