January 19, 2012

Road tripping to Chicago

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Today my fiancé, Ryan, and I are road tripping to Chicago. It's a 6 hour drive from Cleveland so of course I brought a weeks worth of activities to entertain myself in the car. I have a bunch of yard with me and my small loom, so I will probably be knitting most of the way there. Knitting is such an easy craft to take with you and whip out whenever there is a free moment. We are going to be taking the train most of the time we are in Chicago so I'll probably have my yarn with me the whole time. I've been so focused on sewing lately that I haven't been knitting as much. And I have to say its nice to take a little break from seeing and get back to knitting.

Also, "All My Life" by KC and Jojo just came on the iPod. This promises to be a great road trip.

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