January 27, 2012

Fabulous Fabric Fridays!

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I've decided to start a "Fabulous Fabric Friday" project, which will feature a new fabulous fabric every week! For this first week I wanted to start with a fabric that I have been ogling over online for some time now. It is from the designer Jessica Jones who runs one of my favorite blogs How About Orange.

The fabric is from her collection Outside Oslo and is called Skiff (In the Dusk Colorway...although Skiff in the Dawn Colorway is equally fabulous!).

You can purchase the fabric from the Etsy store, The Needle Shop. I might have to stop my ogling and just order some of this amazing fabric!

What do you guys think of this fabric? I can think of a million projects I'd love to make with it!

If you have a suggestion for some Fabulous Fabric you think I should check out to include in my Fabulous Fabric Friday posts feel free to Contact Me and let me know!


  1. No problem, Jessica! I absolutely love all of your fabric designs! I can't wait to order some! :)