January 6, 2013

Kitchen Chalkboard | DIY

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In my house we have a serious spice issue. The spices are all over the place and constantly on the counter instead of in the cabinet...it drives me nuts. So I decided to make this adorable magnetic chalkboard to go above the stove that will (eventually) have spices jars on it. I purchased 6 little jars to start off with and am going to attach a magnet to the lid. When they are on the chalkboard you can write which spice it is underneath. I also liked it for hanging a recipe that you are making right above the stove. 

To make it I purchased an 11"x16" picture frame from Target. I also purchased a 12"x18" piece of sheet metal from Lowes. I then took the glass out of the frame and put it on top of the sheet metal and traced around it. I used tough kitchen shears to trim the sheet metal to the 11"x16" that I needed. 

I then sprayed the metal with Rust Oleum metal primer and then sprayed it with chalkboard paint.
I also sprayed the picture frame (which was originally black) this great teal color (my favorite color). 

I love how it looks! And maybe this will solve our spice issue (but probably not haha). 

Mmm...my fiancé is making Egglant Parmesan tonight

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