May 18, 2012


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I normally try to stay in the $5 range when it comes to buying patterns online but I couldn't pass up this amazing pattern from LBG Studio for $8. How ADORBS is this bag?! 
I love how it turned out! I picked the fabric up at of my absolute favorite place to buy fabric, Stitch Cleveland. It is unreal how amazing their collection of fabric is. I love every. single. fabric. It is crazy to go in a place that is so your style that you could easily see yourself buying every single pattern. To top it off it is a mother/daughter team that owns it and they are incredibly friendly. They told me when I was in there the other day that Amy Butler and her husband are going to be there for an event in August! So you can bet I will be attending that :)

Anyways, if you have $8 to spare I would highly recommend purchasing this pattern. It was well worth it and was actually not too difficult to make. Previous to this pattern I didn't know what/how to do darting (the pleating on the bottom of the bag) and I am so glad I know how to now! It is definitely a skill I will be using again in the future!

*I was in no way compensated by LBG Studio or Stitch Cleveland for this post. Just wanted to spread the word about things I find and enjoy.

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