March 14, 2012

Operation DIY Wedding Planning Begins...

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I am currently planning my wedding for next May and I am so excited for all the fun DIY projects! I am just at the beginning of my planning so I don't have much figured out, BUT I bought my dress last weekend and I am so excited to wear it! I thought it would take me a lot longer to find a dress but I found the one on my first trip to try on dresses! One of the first projects I am going to try to tackle are these cute custom matchboxes as favors (because I really want to have sparklers at my wedding).

I'm also designing my "Save The Dates" and Invitations. I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to graphic design so I think the invitation designs might be one of the hardest parts for me. 
I already have 4 different designs that I've made that I can't decide between ;)

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for DIY Wedding projects?


  1. I DIYed most of my wedding and start slow, have check lists of things you want to do because with the hustle and bustle of things you will forget to do something. I had a lot of fun and have craft parties with friends and mil trust em they will help. My weddign could have nto been possible without our friends. :)

  2. Thank you for the advice, Steph! That was exactly what I was thinking, making a list of the projects I want to complete so I don't miss anything. And thankfully I have an awesome future Sister-In-Law who I'm sure will help me out ;)