March 24, 2012

National Cash Mob Day!

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Did you guys know that today is National Cash Mob Day?! It is a day dedicated to supporting local businesses! My fiancé currently works at an amazing natural foods store called Nature's Bin, which is in Lakewood, Ohio. It is not only a natural foods store but it is also a rehabilitation and training center for individuals with physical or mental disabilities. I used to work there as well and I am so happy that it was chosen as a Cash Mob location today for the Cleveland area! If you live in the Cleveland or surrounding areas you should go check it out today! You can also get a glimpse at some of my photography if you go there ;) The front windows of the store are lined with photos that I took a few years ago:

Since I don't want to go and distract my fiancé from his work today since it will be so busy, I decided I am going to go and support one of my favorite local businesses, Stitch Cleveland! It is a local sewing shop that sells amazing fabric and also provides sewing lessons and workshops you can attend! It is adorable in there and the mother and daughter that own it are so wonderful and helpful!

Go out and support some local businesses today! :)

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  1. ooh, i've been wanting to check out stitch cleveland! thanks for the reminder! and i didn't know there was a national cash mob day. fun!