February 23, 2012

Thrifting Thursday with Jenn

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I suppose subconsciously I wanted to test out my thrifting skills.....I thought it would be much harder to thrift maternity clothes than it actually was. 
(hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge) 
 They say that by your third pregnancy, your hips and uterus decide they want to expand much quicker than your first go around. As it turns out....they're right ;) 

 This week I set out in search of cute and comfy maternity clothes. I hate the idea of spending A LOT of money on clothes you wear for a very short amount of time. Good thing about maternity clothes? They are usually in great condition because they aren't worn for too many months. Oddly enough, I have A LOT of retail savy finds this week! 

This first outfit I found I know I'll be wearing a lot! The cute jean maternity shorts were $5.99 brand new at Bealls outlet! The shirt I found thrifting for $1; it's not maternity, but it's stretchy....and cute ;). The necklace I got at Charlotte Russe for $5.50. The shoes are another retail find. They were too UH-dorable not to bring home for $9. 

 This next one is my saucy sailor! Found this shirt at Old Navy on clearance for $5. The shorts were existing. For everyone that doesn't have an over abundance of shoes and jewelry like I do, I wanted to use the same jewelry and shoes in several outfits to show how your thrifted wardrobe can go with many things. The shoes and necklace were the ones I nabbed from the previous outfit. 

 For this outfit, I'm using the same shoes and necklace, in the previous outfits, but it gives this one a totally different look! I thrifted this maternity floral printed skirt for $3. The shirt was thrifted at $1.99. 
(I think I just really really like these shoes and necklace). 

 Next is a nice cotton stretchy dress that I figured I could wear for the next 7 months comfortably! I scored this beauty for $2 at salvation army. I'm not sure if you recognize the necklace and shoes ;). I wanted to show everyone you can pair your favorite solid colors up with many different patterns and colors. 

 This last outfit, (don't worry, it doesn't have the same necklace and shoes), is a long flowing maternity skirt I thrifted for $3 & this cute tank top I thrifted for $1. The necklace was at Bealls Outlet for 20¢!!! These cutie patootie white bow sandals were found retailing for $9! 

Since I have so many clothes from my thrifting ventures...I decided to branch out a bit and look in Salvation Army's housewares section. I saw this bookshelf for $3.99. On the back was the original price tag from Pottery Barn Kids for $59.00 (I would NEVER, and I repeat NEVER, spend $59.00 on a kids bookshelf...probably why I'm an avid thrifter ;). It did have a couple dings and missing paint. I saw a solution...I grabbed a can of $1 spray paint at Walmart & touched it up. The finished product, for a mere $5, including paint, I thought turned out pretty good! I even drilled it to the wall myself! 

 I'd say this week was pretty successful at thrifting some maternity clothes. Hopefully all of you mommy-to-bes out there, that don't want to waste a lot of money on clothes you'll only wear for a few months, can go out there and get some comfy clothes for that cute expanding belly!! Until next week...happy thrifting!

*Note from Caroline: How absolutely adorable is Jenn's tiny baby bump?! 
A HUGE congratulations to Jenn on her pregnancy! 
She is an amazing Mom and I'm so happy she is blessed with another little bun in the oven. I'm crossing my fingers for a girl, Jenn! :) 
I can already see you having so much fun dressing up a little girl!


  1. Much luck to you and your family on your new journey!

  2. I love all the outfits even though I'm only a teen! Espically the jewelry and shoes! May god bless u with ur new little one! Congrats!!!

  3. JENN!!!!! shastybobasty from IG here!! CONGRATS!!! i am so happy for you guys!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 This is a new chapter indeed! sending my love your way!