February 16, 2012

Thrifting Thursday with Jenn

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Is the rest of your family feeling kind of left out into week 3 of your thrifting? Well worry not! This week we are doing family finds!! You have to make sure you find stuff for the Fam at fantastic prices! 
    Kyle made out like a bandit this week ( I have to spend some "research" on him so he feels better about all of my "research" I do for myself. ;) 
    Lighthouse had a half off sale on all of their red tagged items. Kyle got so many things. There is too many to even name them all! All of these were $1.50 or under! Men's items are usually very worn at thrift stores. However, I found the men's thrifting gold mine the other day!! 

   The best finds were a pair of Tommy Hilfiger pants, & a pair of Banana Republic khakis for $3 each. 

  He also got 2 brand new pair of Levi's for $3 each!

   I can't leave the kiddos out! I even grabbed Ben a bunch of deals this week!! I got him some never worn brown shoes for $3! (he was feeling kind of left out of the thrifting spoils.) I found a thrift spot that was 50% off the ENTIRE store near my house. This became "finding deals for Ben day".
   I found him an entire Easter outfit 
for under $9!! The pants are Baby Gap (practically brand new), the vest is from The Childrens Place, the shirt is Cherokee & the shoes weren't even worn!! He is going to be one stylish kid on Easter!

    I also found a Brobee shirt for $1 (most of y'all mommas know who this is. It's Ben's FAVORITE show, Yo Gabba Gabba :).  

    He got several other shirts that were either brand new or barely used for $1 or less! 

   Ben also has some bottoms to wear with those fabulous shirts!! Scored all of these savy steals for $1 or less as well!

   I also nabbed Ben 2 pairs of pants for $1.50 each.

   Did you think I wasn't going to post my own foxy finds this week?? I grabbed this brand new dress for $5!! It feels so soft and comfy, but still stylish :)

   I thought I'd throw this little gem in there for some giggles! I found my Halloween costume ( I know, I know, it's 8 months early. In the thrifting world, if you don't grab it today, someone else will tomorrow!). I am going to be Blanche Deboreaux from The Golden Girls! I got my dress for $5 and shoes for $2! So far only a mere $7 for the best Halloween costume ever!

   Until next week my totally terrific thrifting buddies! Get out there and shop til you drop & score those delectable deals!!!

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