February 9, 2012

Thrifting Thursday with Jenn

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How was everyone's week? Did you run out and score some super savy thrifting deals? I was so busy this week doing "research" for the blog! I am so excited for the deals I found. I may just use several exclamation points!! 
     It was the week of the shoes. Everywhere I went, I found amazing  shoes.   My favorite pair (might I add, they were a PERFECT fit. Almost as if they were made for my size 7&1/2 feet) an UH-dorable pair of round, close toe wedges. They are red with white polka dots and a cutsie wootsie bow on top. These were brand new, complete with the original box!  I snagged these saucy sandals for a mere $5.90! (you see why I am going to be using several exclamation points?!?)  

    Next up, some gorgeous yellow, vintage-esque sling backs! These are practically brand new! (I am very into yellow lately) I nabbed these beauties for a mere $5! These are perfect to add a pop of color to any outfit. Add a nice yellow flower ring and you will be looking stylish, sassy, & so cute!

     Gianni Bini red flats for $4.99?? Yes please! I couldn't leave these Gems behind at Lighthouse. 

     I saw these gold glitter sparkly sandals at Target on clearance for $5.98 and knew a special little boy in heaven that probably would have given me a stern talking to if I didn't pick these little darlings up. These can be worn with a gold necklace (I wear my gold flower with faux diamond necklace & my airplane earrings I scored at Bealls Outlet for $1.) 

       Wanna look fabulous on that date you've got coming up? These red pumps will make you all that and a bag of chips! (I thought I'd bring some middle school slang back) I got these for $6! 

    Don't worry! I know you are wondering "these shoes are great, but where are all of the clothes to wear with the awesome shoes??" Fret not my friends, down below are my deals of the week, which will be focused on clothes. 

This cute little outfit was $9 total! (Yes, from my head to my toes, $9 bucks!) 

I saw this yellow skirt and HAD to nab it. It was $4 & the shirt was $.50! (shoes and sweater were existing pieces)

This outstanding orange dress? Only $2!!!

Normally I wouldn't dare post a picture of myself in a bathing suit, however, I had to share this $3 deal with y'all! (the top was $1 & bottoms were $2)

Can I just say I love this outfit? The pants I got at Old Navy on clearance for $10, the shirt was $1, the shoes were existing (I bought them at Payless on clearance last year for around $4) & the belt was $1. 

See how much "research" I did? Any day is a great day for thrifting! Get out there & do some research of your own!! See y'all next week!


  1. Jenn is absolutely beautiful!
    And i LOVE the trousers of the last outfit!

  2. Kelli, she is gorgeous! Isn't that last outfit to die for?! It's amazing how wonderful she looks after 2 children!

  3. Thank you both!!! I forgot to mention that the necklace I'm wearing in the last outfit was $.20!!!! It just takes a little patience & you can find great out outfits too Kelli!!