January 15, 2012

Knitting on a Loom

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Knitting on a loom is an easy, quick way to make high quality projects. I started using a loom about 6 months ago and was amazed with how easy it was! I wanted to post the 3 YouTube videos from Joccy101 that I watched myself when I was learning how to use a loom. They are very easy to follow! Even my Mom watched the videos and learned how to knit on a loom after just one view!

These videos teach you how to cast on, knit and cast off on a rectangular loom.
I wasn’t able to find a video that I liked when I started using a round loom so I will work on getting a tutorial up that I make myself on using a round loom.

Rectangle looms are great for making scarves and ear warmers! The looms themselves are fairly cheap and are great because you can use different weights of yarn (I prefer chunky yarn). You can find a rectangle loom at pretty much any craft store (i.e. Joann's or Michaels). However, you can also find them at Walmart, which might be a little cheaper. 

Here are some projects I have made on my loom:

 *Note: This hat was made on a round loom and the bow was made on my rectangle loom. I'll try to get a tutorial up soon on how to make a hat like this on a round loom.

*Note: The bow I made on a rectangle loom and the straps to the headband I hand crocheted.

*Note: This ear warmer was made on a rectangle loom and the bow was crocheted. 

[Feel free to contact me if you would like some references on crocheting for beginners. I have found a lot of articles and videos over the years that have helped me with learning how to crochet.]

*Note: I will be putting up a tutorial eventually on how to make this adorable (and warm!) ear warmer.

Rectangle Loom Knitting Videos (watch the videos in the order below):

How To: Cast On Using a Loom

How To: Knit With a Loom

How To: Finish/Cast Off Using a Loom

I hope you enjoy knitting on a loom as much as I have! It is such a fun, easy thing to do while sitting on the couch watching TV or if you are on a long road trip. Once you learn how to knit on the loom you can pretty much "zone out" while you knit, before you know it you will look down and have an entire scarf made! 

P.S. Loom knitted scarves make great gifts! Just ask all of my family members ;)

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  1. very nice and cute i like all of the different things youmade ( especially the benie )